Peter McDonald

About Me

My name is Peter and I am a Professional developer currently living in Edinburgh Scotland.

After using CMS’s such as PHP Nuke for creating websites in the early 2000’s I became intrigued at how these packages worked and how they are built. This led me to learn HTML and PHP and I was soon creating packages of my own.

I continue to be intrigued by how things work and regularly investigate new and old technologies. In the last 18 months, I have been diving deeper into voice systems such as the Amazon Echo and investigating how skills work. This has led me to create several skills of my own utilising both the AWS platform (with tools such as Lambda and Node.js and DynamoDB) and using a PHP endpoint. Some of these skills can be found on my portfolio page.

I am also a keen Linux user (preferably CentOS). At present, I manage a number of Linux servers ranging from being managed primarily using cPanel through to servers managed using SSH thus allowing me even greater control over the environment.

At present, I predominantly work on my own projects however I am open to the idea of helping in open source projects.