Pi Projects

The raspberry Pi is a versatile, cheap piece of hardware. Below are some of the projects that I currently use a Raspberry Pi for.


Managing servers and devices can be a nuisance once you have a significant number of devices to manage. It can be easy to forget to maintain certain devices. Ansible also gives the capability to easily create a repeatable way to setup devices.

I have dedicated a Raspberry Pi to act as an Ansible host to manage devices on both my local network as well as off network devices.

RC Car

I wished to work on a hardware project that I could interface with using Python, therefore I purchased an RC car kit that utilises a Raspberry Pi as the controller. The kit makes available an API to control the hardware such as the motors. You can also control and capture recordings from the camera.

I am not currently sure of the end goal (apart from learning),

SSH Honeypot

Some time ago I wrote an article about the login attempts that I found trying to log into a honeypot that I had created using a Raspberry Pi.

I recently resurrected the project with the view of creating an interface showing login attempts in real time.